Every nurse employed in the UK should be in the registers of the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC). The NMC follows stringent norms in the verification and scrutiny of the documents submitted by every applicant for the registration process. To be eligible to initiate the registration process with the NMC, a nurse should fulfil the following basic prerequisites;

  • A qualification of GNM / B.Sc / Pc B.Sc / M.Sc (Nursing)

  • Proven English competence through IELTS (Academic) with minimum scores of 6.5 in Writing and 7 in Listening, Reading and Speaking (or) OET with scores not less than B in all four aspects.(Can be a combination of two test results within the last 6 months)


** Beware of Illegitimate recruiters presenting incorrect notions about the process.

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  • Your family members (‘dependants’) can come with you when you come to the UK on this visa.

  • Your family members must have a visa if they’re from outside the European Economic Area (EEA) or Switzerland.

  • A ‘dependant’ is any of the following:

  • Your husband, wife or partner

  • Your child under 18

  • Your child over 18 if they’re currently in the UK as a dependant

  • You must show that your dependants can be supported while they’re in the UK.

  • Each dependant must have £630 available to them whether they apply with you or separately. This is in addition to the funds you must have to support yourself.

  • You must have proof you have the money, and that it’s been in your bank account or your dependant’s bank account for at least 90 days before you or they apply.

What I am not allowed to do in the UK with a Tier 2 Dependent Visa?

  • These are the activities you’re not allowed to perform in the UK as a Tier 2 Dependent:

  • Use the public funds and benefits.

  • Work as a dentist/doctor in training, or as a sportsperson.

  • Study in a restricted study field.

Working as a Dependent

  • The Dependent Visa category enables the dependents of a person who is a permanent resident or UK citizen to apply to join them in the UK. This type of application typically applies to family and children.

  • A dependant is able to work in the UK except:

  • They cannot work as a professional sportsperson, which includes a sports coach.

  • They cannot work as a doctor or dentist in training unless they have a degree in medicine or dentistry from a UK institution or have previously been granted a UK visa that did not restrict their employment as a doctor or dentist in training and were employed as such during that period.

  • The UK has typically been a popular place for jobs, with a good economy and many big cities hosting big employers.

  • The best and most effective way to find a role is by using job portals, Strong Social network, Recruitment Agency, Newspaper, Company websites.

  • Indeed, Monster, Total jobs, reed are familiar websites to target for a suitable opportunity.

Switching from Dependent to Tier2 Visa

  • If your dependent spouse is highly skilled and secures sponsorship with a Tier 2 licensed employer on his or her own account please note that they will not be able to ‘switch’ in country to a Tier 2 General Visa. In order to move to the new status your spouse will need to return home in order to submit a fresh application.

For more information’s: https://www.gov.uk/uk-family-visa

Documents required for a dependent visa application

  • Passport

  • Tuberculosis test report (not applicable for all nationalities)

  • Police clearance check from all the countries (if the duration of stay is over 1 year)

  • Birth Certificate (Children)

  • Marriage Certificate (married partners)

  • Accommodation proof in the UK (Tenancy Agreement)

  • Employment confirmation letter from your Employer or COS

  • Your employer is a rated sponsor who will certify the maintenance fund for your dependents. Therefore you will be exempted to have a personal saving statement.

  • For More information: Please contact Visa Roots. Visa Roots is a subsidiary of Envertiz Consultancy for UK visa applications. You can contact them through email Visa@visaroots.in or visit website www.visaroots