Frequently asked questions

NMC Registration

Does Envertiz provide assistance with the NMC registration?

Envertiz will provide guidance and support through out the application and can also communicate with NMC on your behalf.

How long will it take to get my decision letter?

it can take upto 60 working days once the application is submitted and your file is in the assessment queue

What is Registration Restriction Form and when do we need it ?

In order to apply for a NMC nursing registration, Candidates are required to provide a 'Foriegn registration verification from' the local nursing council of your place of work like a hospital or a clinic or an educational institution irrespective of the previous registrations. If a candidate (nurse) have worked in a hospital or clinic without registration in the nursing council in that area (Indian state/ Foriegn country) then, he/ she will be required to complete a ' Registration Restriction Form' and sent through the Local nursing council to the NMC UK.

What can be done if there is mismatch of name in the Date of Birth and educational certificate?

Candidate will be required to correct the document with the wrong name with the local civic body or a Notary attested affidavit can be submitted.

How long will it take for a COS?

In a normal scenario a COS will be issued once a candidate has had a Decision letter from the NMC. It will be issued between 7 and 14 days depending on the employer. It usually takes 4 months or ealier from the date of enrolment with the Envertiz.

Which IELTS certification is required?

NMC accepts academic IELTS certificate and not general IELTS certificate.

What is the Validity of IELTS?

IELTS score is valid for two years from the date of certification.

Can I present a fake experience letter to get placed in a better hospital?

Making fraudulent claims including experience letter will be dealt seriously by the NMC and the employer, candidate will be penalized for any fraud. The Employer or /and NMC at any point will remove you from register and prosecute.

What is the accepted IELTS score for NMC registration?

NMC acceptsIELTS academic certificate that confirms an overall score of 7 and 7 in reading, listening and speaking with at least 6.5 in writing. You can achieve these score in two sittings within six months and no score less than 6.5.

What is the accepted OET score?

NMC accepts OET certificate confirming score in all for reading , writing , listening and speaking score of B or above. This can be also achieved in two sittings within six months. Both times score should not go below C+ in any of the four modules.

Do I need to do UKVIELTS?

If you are from a non english speakling country , you will be asked to produce UKVIELTS score sheet.

Can Envertiz speak to the NMC on my behalf?

If a third party authorisation is provided at the time of NMC application, Envertiz will be able to communicate to the NMC on a candidates behalf.

UK Visa

What is the type of visa I will be granted?

The type of visa nurses are granted is tier 2 work visa. This is a skilled job category visa granted usually for a period of three years. The visa expiry corresponds to the COS validity.

What is 'COS' ?

COS' stands for Certificate of Sponsorship. It is a certificate given by the home office to the employer with details of the nurse intended to be employed by the employer. It will also have other information like employer (sponsor) details. date of expiry, job description, professional registration details etc. While applying for a tier 2 general visa the COS number is a requirement.

When do I qualify for the indefinite stay?

When will I be able to become a british citizen?

After completion of 11 months on a indefinite leave to remain status, a nurse or spouse of a nurse can apply to become a citizen of the UK.

Do I need to stay with my employer until my contract expires?

You are required to work under your employer/ sponsor for the contract period. In fact you can apply for other job vacancies under the same employer, for example a nurse working in surgical ward can choose to apply to work in other departments like Operation theatre or ITU or Emergency department.

Will I be able to bring my parents and brother on a tier 2 dependant visa?

No. Tier 2 dependant visa is granted for spouse (civil partner) and dependant children only.

Do I need to apply for a family visa before commencing my employment?

You will be able to apply for the family visa once you have commenced your employment after reaching the UK.

What is the processing time?

The whole process could take 4-6 months.

Life in the UK

Am I entitiled to public funds?

Migrant workers are not entitled to the public funds on a tier 2 work visa. The use of public funds is possible once the indefinite leave to remain status is achieved. You will be able to apply for a permenant resident status once you have worked in the country for five years.

Will I be able to switch from NHS to care home job easily or vice versa?

You can change your employer once the contract periods is over. Only then you will be able to switch to any other employer easily. You will be able to switch your employer anytime when you are in the UK and Envertiz will provide all support for you to find a new employer at any time. Please note if you choose to change your employer within the contract period you will be entitled to pay damages to the employer. you will be able to find the contract details in your employers offer letter.

Do I need to consider living cost while choosing a place of work?

Living cost is not the only factor while choosing the place to live. There are other pros and cons choosing different places, be advised about other factors also. However in a place like central london the living cost is extremely high, it is best advised not to consider if you are looking to live in an affordable area.

What area do I need to choose while coming to the UK?

As a migrant worker the best supported area is the best to choose, best advised not to choose a Rural area to work during your first visit.

Family Life

How much will I earn within a year?

After a nurse recieves the NMC professional registration, the salary they usually are entitled, ranges between £23,023 and £29,608. This is based on a 37.5 hours per week or approximately 3 shifts a week. Most of the nurses work overtime. Rate of pay for overtime is more than normal pay.

Will I have access to pension?

All employees are automatically enrolled into a pension scheme.

Can I choose a specific location to work?

You will be given details of employers recruiting currently and can choose an employer or location of your choice.

Will my partner/husband/wife be able to work in the UK?

Your legal partner, husband or wife will be able to work in the UK while they are on tier 2 dependant visa.

Can my partner become a permanent resident or attain an indefinite leave to remain?

Your partner or spouse on a tier 2 dependant visa has to stay in the UK for five years in order to achieve the status.

Can i travel to the UK if i am pregnant ?

Yes you can, But we do not encourage you to travel to the UK while you are pregnant. It may affect your employment and OSCE training. Please check with your employer before you travel.

Can i travel to the UK with my family ?.

Yes you can. Please refer the below link for more details.


What is CBT?

Computer Based Test is one of the test of competence required by the NMC who are seeking registration in the UK.

Can we book the CBT even if the IELTS result is expired?

Once you start your NMC application process within two years of your IELTS, you will be able to apply for the CBT.

How long is the CBT valid for?

Candidates are expected to compete their NMC process within two years of CBT result.

What is the pass rate of CBT?

During the equarter July 2018 to sep 2018, out of 3069 CBT sittings 2327 passed. which accounts for a 76 per cent pass rate.

How do I practice for my CBT exam?

Envertiz supporting it's nurses on their CBT training through our CBT practice App (NMC CBT),You can downlaod the app from your mobile app store by seraching NMCCBT

Does Envertiz provide CBT Training ?

Envertiz is supporting nurses to pass the CBT for the first time. We have dedicated Telegram group for CBT aspirants. where you will have access to most recent questions and updated materials. You may join the group through the You would need to download the Telegram app on your phone before clicking the link.


Does Envertiz provide OSCE training?

Envertiz provides OSCE study materials to the candidates before they travel to the UK. This is to make sure nurses prepare for the exam before they land in the UK. We also run OSCE workshop along with standard training.

How to get access to the OSCE group?

To facilitate education and preparation of OSCE, study material link will be provided to the candidates. Envertiz has used social media platform forum with generous resource. The access is granted for every candidate sho signs a service agreement with Envertiz.

What is OSCE?

Observed Structured Clinical Examination is the second test of competence in order to be able to work in the UK who are qualified overseas.

Can I appear for the OSCE examination from outside UK?

OSCE can be appeared only when you have joined your employer in the UK, and the examination is conducted in centres in the UK.

What is the pass rate of OSCE?

During the quarter July 2018 to Sept 2018, out of 1984 OSCE sittings , there was 73 per cent pass rate.


Will I be able to Pick an extra job apart from my primary job?

Yes you will be able to work for a second employer as far as it does not exceed 20 hours per week. The job has to be of the same profession, or a job on the shortage occupation list. You are allowed to work unpaid voluntary job. You cannot start your second job until you have started your primary job.

Which hospital supports the employees for further studies?

Every employer in the UK provides in job training for their employees. Inorder to stay on the NMC register, nurses have to provide details of training attended every three years for revalidation. Envertiz provides all necessary support for revalidation during your employment in the UK. you will also be able to achieve any further qualifications by choosing to study at your own time and ex[pense without affecting the employment you are at.

Will the employer cover the family visa expenses at the time of COS?

The expense for family visa is met by the candidate and employer does not contribute towards the cost. However the proof of income (salary slips) and employment letter are some of the requirements for a Tier 2 dependant visa (family visa). There is another option to apply for a tier 2 dependant visa while applying the visa for a nurse on a tier 2 visa i.e prior to immigration. The nurse (candidate on tier 2) or family will have to show required funds along with employer COS (£630 for three months). However it is best advised to apply for a tier 2 dependant visa while in the UK.

Do care homes pay more?

Care homes pay an hourly rate of £13-£18 per hour while the NHS pays £11.80-£15.38 per hour.

Will I be interviewed on skype or face to face?

We have employers conducting interviews frequently visa skype and also face to face in places like Kochi, and Delhi in India. You will be able to choose the type of interview you would like to attend. Majority of the interviews are via skype.

About Us

What is Envertiz?

Envertiz is a leading brand in the recruitment industry, with offices based in the UK, India, and Dubai. We are a health care staffing agency registered in the United Kingdom, owned and operated by nurses. we specialize in nurses and allied health staffs recruitment to the UK and Ireland. Envertiz provides staffing services to its UK based clients which include both NHS trusts and care homes.

Does Envertiz recruit for NHS and Care home?

Yes, Envertiz is currently recruiting for more than 40 employers which include both NHS hospitals and Care homes in the UK. More than 3000 happy nurses came to the UK in the year 2021.
We conduct online Microsoft Teams meeting interviews for nurses. Since we have collaborated with the most prestigious NHS hospitals, we have plenty of vacancies for nurses every month. We undertake online interviews for nurses within India and also from various countries.
We handle regular recruitment events that cater to mental health, operation theatre, medical, surgical, maternity, renal, or child health nursing departments. To know more, check our upcoming events.

Do we charge any candidates?

Envertiz do not charge candidates at any point of the recruitment process. Infact the candidate will be refunded with the major costs of the registration process, free flight tickets and welcome bonus are some of the attractions we offer.

Why should I choose Envertiz?

1. No service charge or recruitment fee or agency fee. 2. Envertiz provides free flight ticket. 3. Visa Fee paid by the employer. 4. All NMC registration Fees will be refunded. 5. IELTS and CBT Fee will be paid by the employer. 6. OSCE exam paid by the employer. 7. Airport pick up. 8. Temporary accomodation arranged for three months. We have a brilliant track record of 100 per cent visa success rate and 100 per cent retention rate. to add, we have a dedicated, friendly, responsible and professional team at the reach of your finger tip, we are proud to say that we have set examples on the quality of candidate support. Our Brilliant team is not only the best but also is at the reach of your finger tip round the clock.

Where does Envertiz recruit?

Envertiz knows the major factors an overseas migrant worker needs, like the living cost , support on and off the work, and the guarantee that all candidates pass the OSCE. Envertiz only recruits to the Hospitals and private employers who prioritise these needs.

COVID-19 Update

What is the situation in the UK around Covid-19 ?

Like any other country, UK Government is making every effort to tackle the spread of Covid-19. You can find government advise and daily updates on Covid-19 on the UK government website:

What happens if my IELTS/OET is expiring now ?

As per the NMC guidance, Applicant's on the new NMC registration process require valid IELTS/OET results at the time of their OSCE. You score sheets must be valid at the time of the final assessment after the OSCE. There are temporary measures in place which you can read on the below link:

What happens if my CBT is expiring in 2 months?

You are required to have a valid CBT when appearing OSCE examination. There will be a special guidance on this considering the current situation.

Will my IELTS/OET/CBT/OSCE exam be cancelled or rescheduled? Will the money be refunded, if cancelled?

As per the standard guidance you will have the full refund or resit option. This would depend upon your location and the condition there. The testing authority will intimate you over an e-mail about the next date.

What is the validity of IELTS/OET and CBT?

All results are valid for 2 years.

What will happen to my applied visa application?

You have to wait for some time, as there is a delay from the home office side. You are likely to receive an e-mail from the home office.

I have received my visa and what will happen, if I cannot travel before my visa expires ?

If your 30-day visa to travel to the United Kingdom for work, study or to join family has expired or is about to expire, you can request a replacement visa(vignette) with revised validity dates for free of charge until the end of this year. To make a request, you need to contact the Coronavirus Immigration Help Centre via email with your details. You’ll need to include your name, nationality, date of birth and your GWF reference number(found on the application) with ‘REPLACEMENT 30 DAY VISA’ in the subject line. Home office will aim to replay within 5 working days.

What will happen if my  flight ticket is already booked or cancelled ?

If your flight is not scheduled, the airlines would contact you and initiate a refund or issue a voucher or schedule the next available flight. We will also update you on this when we have more information on your travel

When will the next recruitment/deployment happen?

We have started deploying nurses to UK since June 2020

My third party verification is not getting reflected in my NMC account profile?

Please wait for the NMC to update this. There is a delay in the process at the moment.

I need to correct an error in my NMC application, is it possible?

Yes, you can email to NMC with your details but there will be some delay on the process. As NMC is functioning with limited capacity.

Will my employment offer be withdrawn if the travel is delayed?

No, It won’t be withdrawn considering the current situation.

If I am travelling to the UK, will I be working in wards of Corona patients?

As a healthcare professional, you are expected to discharge your duties as the situation demands; however you will be taken care with all safety and personal protective measures and adequate training. Your employer must have made special arrangements in this situation.

How long will the process be delayed?

We are closely monitoring the situation and we will be updating you time to time, As of now, we may have a delay of 12 weeks. We are hoping things would be back into normal by Septmber 2020.

When will be the next travelling date. if my visa is approved?

We are closely monitoring the situation and in constant touch with the employers. We will be updating you from time to time.

Will there be any issue with COS if the Visa application is not done on time?

Normally Certificate of Sponsorship is valid for 3 months. Home office will not refuse your application even your cos is invalid or expired

When the visa office will reopen ?

Please check with your local visa application centre or our staff will be touch when we have updates on this.

What if I cannot collect the BRP card within the stipulated time?

As per the home office guidance, you are required to collect you Biometric Residence Permit(BRP) within 10 days of your arrival in the UK, Considering the current situation Home office has confirmed, You will not be penalised for being unable collect your BRP while coronavirus measures are in place. These special arrangements will be in place until the end of 2020.

I am already in the UK, yet to sit for OSCE. What happens if I don’t complete OSCE in 3 months of arrival?

NMC has suspended all OSCE exams until 15th June 2020. You will be contacted by your employer or the test centre when they have the new date for you. This will not affect your employment, there will be further guidance on this from NMC.

What is NMC temporary registration ?

NMC knows there are large numbers of highly skilled nurses who have trained overseas who are unable to practice in the UK because the OSCE test sites have closed. NMC is currently exploring the options to open the temporary register to overseas candidates. This means candidates who are already in the UK and have successfully completed part of their NMC registration process would be granted temporary registration. We will keep you updated on this.

How do I know if there is a travel restriction from my country ?

Please refer the local government guidance in your country or check the UK government link:

How do I get updates on the current situation around coronavirus ?

You can join our Telegram support group, where we will be sharing all important updates. You can join the group by clicking the link: or search nursingvacanciesinuk in Telegram. If you are registered with envertiz, we will be contacting you via email.

How do I contact Envertiz Staff if office is closed ?

You can contact your consultant via email but if there is an emergency you may please call us on +447760777297 or +919447393030 or you can also contact via email

what happens my 30 days visa expires ?

If your 30-day visa to travel to the United Kingdom for work, study or to join family has expired or is about to expire, you can request a replacement visa(vignette) with revised validity dates for free of charge until the end of this year. To make a request, you need to contact the Coronavirus Immigration Help Centre via email with your details. You’ll need to include your name, nationality, date of birth and your GWF reference number(found on the application) with ‘REPLACEMENT 30 DAY VISA’ in the subject line. Home office will aim to reply within 5 working days. You will be contacted by Home office via email when overseas Visa application centres are reopened to arrange for a replacement visa to be endorsed in your passport.

UK Travel Restrictions

Will this affect my employment in the UK?

No, if you have an offer letter which is valid, this will not affect you

My IELTS/OET is expiring soon, will this affect my NMC application/ employment?

There are temporary arrangements set in place by NMC to support overseas nurse during this Covid times. This will not affect your application, if you are under NMC’s old process. You can read more on this in the NMC Website.

Link :

My IELTS/OET is expiring soon, will I get to travel before that?

We do not know a definite time until when this pause will be existing. We will update you as soon as we have an update on this decision.

My CoS is expiring next month/soon. Will I need a new CoS to start the job?

You wouldn’t need a new CoS if you have submitted your visa application/ visa is approved. If you are yet to submit the visa application, we will get you a new cos or we will find alternate option if required

My CBT is expiring shortly, how will this affect my application?

Considering the current situation, NMC has set an extension which is published on NMC website.

For more information:

I passed my interview long back; will my offer letter be valid?

Your offer letter will remain valid

I have an employment gap and I haven’t started working after the interview. Will this gap affect my job offer?

No, as long as you have an offer this will not affect you, unless your proposed employer asks you to return to work. Furthermore, we advise to return to work if possible, even if it’s for short term.

I am currently not in India; will I be able to travel as the pause is only for nurses from India?

Yes, you will be able to travel if your visa is approved. Please liaise with your Consultant at Envertiz to know more about this.

I have applied for my visa and not yet heard from UKVI, will this pause affect my visa application?

As far as we know, there are no restrictions on visa process and as soon you have visa, you will get to travel. However, considering the current situation, we do not know when you will be able to travel after the visa is approved.

I have received my visa and what will happen, if I cannot travel before my visa expires?

Your visa is valid for 03 months and we hope you will get to travel before the expiry of the visa. If your 90 days visa to travel to the United Kingdom for work, study or to join family has

expired or is about to expire, you can request a replacement visa(vignette) with revised validity dates.

I am traveling with family and have arranged own accommodation, can I travel?

No, you cannot travel until there is further update on this decision.

I have 3 months’ notice period, should I need to resign now? Or extend my resignation?

As mentioned earlier, we do not know a definite time when this pause will be lifted. We suggest you to continue with work and resign once your consultant confirms a start date.

I live outside India, should I travel back to India?

We suggest you not to travel back and to stay back wherever you are if you have a valid visa/residence permit to continue.

What will happen if my flight ticket is already booked or cancelled ?

If your flight is not scheduled, we will reschedule your ticket for the next available flight or initiate a refund We will also update you on this when we have more information on your travel

When will be the next travelling date, if my visa is approved?

We are closely monitoring the situation and in constant touch with the employers. We will be updating you from time to time.

I already have a visa, can I change my employer?

No, you cannot unless your employer confirm they no longer require you to continue with the existing offer.

When can I expect to travel?

As per the update by the NHS employers, these restrictions are in place with immediate effect until further notice; hence we don’t know a time frame. This completely depends on the improvements in India’s Covid situation.

Do I need to return to work?

We would suggest you to return to work even if it is for a short term as this would support your nursing career. Nonetheless, because we feel our country needs your service the most during this time.

Will this affect the interviews going on?

No, we are currently interviewing for a number of NHS trusts. Please contact us at, if you would like to know more details

How do I contact Envertiz Staff if office is closed?

You can contact your consultant via email but if there is an emergency you may please call us on +44770777297 or +919447393030 or you can also contact via