The idea behind the conception of Envertiz is the magnitude of the service motto of our founder, a profound leader Mr. Febin Cyriac. Envertiz, once a small idea that encapsulated into a larger vision grew faster only to become the best overseas recruitment agencies in the UK.

He graduated as a nurse from the city of Mangalore and started his career in Mumbai. He later proceeded to the UK to pursue his higher education in nursing after which he started working in Cambridge, UK. It was the time, were obtaining a nursing job and travelling to the UK is considered a tedious and time-consuming process, Febin volunteered to help people to secure jobs in the UK. He provided seminars on the right and safe guidance and NMC registration procedures apart from sharing every detail about the life in the UK.

In 2014, Febin formulated a brighter path for the aspiring nurses around the world and founded Envertiz Consultancy. His dream of recruiting the right people for the right job was materialized by assisting the right candidates. It is indeed very imperative to quote that Febin played a pivotal role many times by creating impeccable changes in the NMC procedure and criteria for the overseas nurses, especially for those hailing from the non-English speaking countries.

Envertiz celebrates the Success of its Director Febin Cyriac who played a peerless role in creating the change in the NMC UK norms for language competence of overseas nurses. He was the flag bearer of the movement who appealed and gathered over 23,000 petitioners favoring the change and enabled the NMC UK to reconsider the norms. Envertiz strongly supported yet another motion of reconsidering the OET score in par with the changes that happened for IELTS. He initiated the online petition and succeeded with the IELTS score exactly a year ago. His petition to NMC gathered over 20000 signatures in a short span of time, assuring their support for the cause. These are few among the many areas where he has contributed to the UK nursing community and the overseas nurses as a whole.


Envertiz will steadily move ahead in guiding and preserving the aspirations of the overseas nurses in the most rightful manner under the helm of the Director, the chief architect of this program. He says, “We will strive hard as ever to promote fair practices and right procedures in our approach for the well-being of the nurses and will also stand by them in all their endeavors”

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