Envertiz is an International Healthcare Recruitment Agency registered in the United Kingdom that specializes in overseas recruitment nurses. Envertiz provides staffing services to UK-based clients, including privately and publicly owned hospitals, and, in some cases, to various other private and public organizations and businesses involved in the administration or provision of health services.

Envertiz recruits outstanding international nursing professionals because we are connected to outstanding international institutions and businesses. Our candidates are fully supported throughout the entire recruitment process, from the day they enroll with us till the day they begin their work at their employer’s facility in the UK and even beyond.


Nurses from overseas started working in the UK as early as 2001; now there are over 600,000 registered nurses in the United Kingdom. They work in a variety of publically or privately owned setup like hospitals, health centres, and care homes, with most nurses working for the National Health Services (NHS). To practice as a nurse in the UK, you must be registered with the Nursing & Midwifery Council (NMC).


Nurses in the UK enjoy an opportunity to work in one of the premier institutions in the world, which would enable them to gain a great deal of experience and exposure to develop their career successfully. The work-life balance among the nurses in the UK is very good and allows them to live a healthier and  stress free life.


The UK NHS (National Health Services) is ranked the number one healthcare systems in the world. Professional development is way easier in the UK as there are more opportunities, a wide variety of roles and promotion is far easier due to the size of the NHS. The below mentioned prominent reasons determine the UK to be the most favourite destination to work and settle for the people across the world.

  • Permanent job opportunities with settlement options

  • Eligibility for Permanent Residentship (PR) on completion of 5 years.

  • Availability of wide range of employers and employment opportunities.

  • Recruitment of indefinite number of nurses per year with no cap limit.

  • Opportunity to travel and settle with your family in UK.

  • High standards of living, social security, free children education and health care.