Living in London can be both a wonderful and intimidating experience. It is a fantastic city to live and work. Whatever the stage – be it the planning to move the stage, packing to go or unpacking on arrival, it’s vital to have a reliable source where one can discover ‘need-to-know’ information.



A one-bedroom property in the Willesden area of London costs an average of £200 per week, whereas the upmarket area of South Kensington costs £666 per week.


London is a lot like other major cities - there are cheap meals to be had wherever one goes, but it’s easy to spend too much in London due to the number of great options. Grocery store prices are comparable to other major cities in the United States. Meals in London will cost about £5. London is the most expensive for food.

Cost of Living
No one can deny that the cost of living in London is expensive. However, one thing that’s in a Londoner’s favor is that the wages in the capital city are, in general, higher than anywhere else in the country.


Travel in and around London is easy, and there are many options available for getting in and out, as well as travel within the city itself. One of the many benefits of living in London is that there really is no necessity to have a car. Most Londoners use the efficient transport network and underground trains called ‘Tubes’.

Cost of Entertainment
The cost of entertainment in London varies, of course, depending on individual taste. A cinema ticket is between £8 - £12 per person. The theatre & live performances are another sources of entertainment in London that costs around £80. To keep track of everything that is happening in London, sign up for The Londonist and receive free email updates of activities in and around London


Internet & Phone Costs

The average broadband price in London is about £25. Purchasing a phone for temporary use in London is also a fair bit easier & cheaper than elsewhere in the world. The UK also has a Pay As You Go (PAYG) phone option.