NMC accepts C+ score in OET writing

We are delighted to share the good news from the Nursing Midwifery Council UK that, NMC has confirmed that they will consider lowering the OET writing score to C+ on the upcoming council meeting on the 27th November 2019. Until now overseas nurses were required to score B in all modules of OET exam, but under the new proposal a C+ score in writing will be considered for NMC registration.

Envertiz Consultancy Ltd being UK’s # 1 ranking International Nurses Recruiting firm, had strongly believed that reducing the writing scores for OET & IELTS will benefit both Nursing professionals from across the world as well as UK’s healthcare system which is suffering from shortage of Medical professionals. So an online petition was started about 9 months ago by Mr. Febin Cyriac, the Founder Director of Envertiz, to reduce the OET writing scores to C+. This petition gained massive support with more than 18,400 people signing it.

In response to the plea, the NMC on its latest update have quoted :“Following an extensive evidence gathering and analysis exercise with OET, we have agreed that the OET writing domain score requirement will change from a B (350-440) to a C+ (300-340). This will bring it in line with our requirement for IELTS test-takers, which is an overall score of 7, but with a minimum of 6.5 in the writing domain as of this year.”

Last year, based on a similar petition which also was started by Mr. Febin Cyriac, the NMC had lowered the writing score of IELTS to 6.5.

We at Envertiz, feel immensely happy for all the aspirant nursing professionals from around the world who are going to be benefited with this proposed change. We would like to thank all who supported this petition and our online campaigns in this regard. http://chng.it/kRczg6Pr

We will be keeping you updated on the further updates on this shortly.

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