Study in India

India is today one of the fastest growing economies in the world largely due to a well-educated human workforce. This country gives a great deal of importance to education and has over 400 universities and around 17500 colleges across the country. Indian education system is in general regarded as the world’s second-largest.


Global Recognition

On a global level, the importance and popularity of Indian Universities and other higher education institutes are building up considerably. This has been mainly because the country has made significant contributions in the various fields of research and study. Whether it is biotechnology or information technology or even space technology, Indians have played a major part in various discoveries. India has had a considerable amount of success with the space technology as well; with numerous satellites launched in the recent past. Because of all this advancements and discoveries, India has created a new name for itself especially as a tech-savvy nation. Many countries across the world have drawn inspiration from the success of its educational system.