Envertiz is one of its kind; owned and managed by nurses and based in the UK, so the candidates enrolled with Team Envertiz enjoy the advantage in all arenas, such as; understanding of the UK process, direct exposure to the potential employers, right knowledge on life in UK with timely guidance and assistance throughout the employment period in the UK.


As we are a direct recruitment agency to the employers in the UK, we assist you in every step of yours and guide you in the right direction at the earliest possible timeline.


Team Envertiz strives to ensure that the journey of every candidate is a memorable and awe-inspiring one. We assure you the maximum comfort; our professionals will not leave a stone unturned in solving your queries. We provide a wide range of exclusive services available to our candidates.

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Free Consultation and Service

Envertiz Consultancy provides comprehensive support to the nurses to fulfill their aspiration of working and settling in the United Kingdom. The services we offer our candidates are completely free of cost with complete transparency.

Every aspirant approaching Team Envertiz would be given due importance and right information and explanation about the eligibility and primary requirements about UK nursing.


Our Multidimensional Support

We not only serve as recruitment consultants but also support as immigration advisors, we have our specialized team of experts to take care of the candidates. At Envertiz, we assign every candidate with a personal consultant who helps and guides the candidate at every stage from the beginning till the period of their employment in the UK.


CBT Preparation

The CBT (Computer Based Test) is the first level of competency test assigned by the NMC UK. We provide updated preparatory material for those candidates who are in the process of their preparation for CBT. As soon as a candidate is enrolled with Envertiz, he/she would be given access to our CBT applicants group comprising of over 2500 participants. These individuals enjoy a great advantage of continuous discussions on various questions, case studies; real-time scenarios discussed among other individuals and gain great knowledge and better understanding.


CBT Mobile Application

We have developed a bespoke CBT Mock test app (android and ios app) for our candidates, named “NMC CBT”. The app enables the candidates to take mock tests composed of various questions. Candidates will be able to review the questions and do the mock test on the go at all times. We take the right efforts and ensure to update the same periodically.


NMC Full Application support

The NMC application process was the most complicated and time-consuming step in becoming a registered nurse in the uk. The process was consuming about 3 months of dedicated effort by the candidates, which was a very tedious job & sometimes practically very difficult. The NMC has intercepted an updated process which is very simple & user friendly with effect from 7th October 2019. According to the new process, it is estimated that the NMC will consume only about 35 days to issue an approval letter from the date of payment & submission of new applications for assessment. The application process itself is very simple, clear, and consumes considerably less time to complete. Once the Approval letter is received, the candidate can proceed with booking a slot for CBT from any part of the world.

The NMC registration process is a wide subject & it involves various steps such as NMC application and assessment, NMC application payment, Obtaining the approval from the NMC, CBT, OSCE, final document checks, NMC registration, Payment, ID & Bio-metric checks, Issue of NMC pin.


Visa Application Assistance

We have an in-house visa processing team that will enable and ensure that there is no delay in proceeding with the visa application, once the candidate receives the COS. We have our experienced immigration experts who review each application before submission. Team Envertiz is very particular on-time duration and service which, urges us to be vigilant in every task we engage in.


Family Visa

We have a dedicated visa consultant for the preparation and process of the visas for the dependents of our candidate.

Airport pickup

We understand that the psychological difficulty of anyone who goes to a new place for the first time and the stress in moving away from the family. Team Envertiz is very much concerned about your well-being and comfort, so we always have someone available for you in the Airport to give you a warm welcome and take you to your respective accommodation.


Accommodation Assistance

Anyone who is new to a place would usually be clueless about the place of stay, especially when they are in an unknown country with considerable baggage. We again assure the comfort of being at home, while you are in the UK. We work with a number of communities that will support the candidates to find the right accommodation further.

OSCE Preparatory Material

The OSCE is the second and final test of competency carried out by the NMC UK for the nurses and passing the same would determine the Registration in the UK. It is true that it is a tough examination to qualify, but the candidates with Envertiz can be considerably less worried about it, on account of our support for the preparation of OSCE. We provide OSCE preparatory material to the candidates before they travel to the UK. This is to make sure they start preparing for the examination before they land in the UK and utilize their time for preparation.