Envertiz is unique in that it is owned and managed by nurses and is based in the United Kingdom. As a result, candidates enrolled with Team Envertiz benefit from numerous advantages, including an understanding of the UK process, direct exposure to potential employers, appropriate knowledge about life in the United Kingdom, and timely guidance and assistance throughout the employment period in the United Kingdom.

As a direct recruiting agency for companies in the United Kingdom, we support you at every stage of the process and point you in the correct direction as quickly as possible.

Team Envertiz wants to make each candidate's trip unique and awe-inspiring. We guarantee your complete satisfaction; our professionals will leave no stone unturned in resolving your concerns. We offer a comprehensive range of special services to our candidates.

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Envertiz was born from our founder, Mr. Febin Cyriac's, profound service motto. Envertiz went from a simple idea to one of the greatest overseas employment businesses in the UK.

He trained as a nurse in Mangalore and began his profession in Mumbai. He then went to the UK to further his nursing degree and began working in Cambridge, UK. In a time when getting a nursing job and travelling to the UK was difficult, Febin volunteered to help others get jobs. His presentations covered safe guidance, NMC registration, and living in the UK.

Febin Cyriac created Envertiz Consultancy in 2014 to help prospective nurses worldwide. His dream of supporting qualified individuals was realised. Febin was instrumental in changing the NMC policy and criteria for overseas nurses, notably those from non-English speaking nations.

Envertiz congratulates its Director Febin Cyriac on his outstanding contribution to changing the NMC UK language competency norms for overseas nurses. He led the initiative that accumulated over 23,000 signatures and forced the NMC UK to review the guidelines. Envertiz backed a new motion to rethink the OET score, similar to the IELTS revisions. He started the online petition a year ago and got the IELTS score. In a short time, his petition to NMC gained over 20,000 signatures, indicating their support.

Under the direction of the Director, the program's principal architect, Envertiz will continue to guide and preserve the abroad nurses' objectives. “We will continue to encourage fair methods and proper procedures in our approach for the nurses' well-being and support them in all their endeavours,” he says.

"How very little can be done under the spirit of fear." - Florence Nightingale

We boldly aspire to build a healthier world filled with people who exhibit the fearless compassion of the great Florence Nightingale.

Your dreams are our dreams. We provide our clients with everything they need to take full advantage of the best nursing opportunities. Let us help you find the job that fits into the bright future you see for yourself. 


To facilitate and support our responsible, highly qualified clients in advancing their careers, thereby impacting the community through better nursing care. 


Above all, we value the service we provide. We have a great track record with our employers. These institutions have an impeccable reputation and provide an environment conducive to success. We provide a service free of bias and partiality.