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About Envertiz

Enrolling with Envertiz as a healthcare professional puts you at a significant advantage when it comes to finding the job that is right for you. Being UK - based and owned and managed by nurses, we have a depth of knowledge and understanding of the UK recruitment process, and of life in the UK generally, so you know that you are in the best hands.


And because we recruit directly for prospective employers in the UK healthcare sector, our knowledge of the various organisations, including NHS Trusts, private hospitals and private care homes, we can ensure that candidates are placed in the best roles very quickly. We are able to deliver international nurses within a 12 - week programme. Along the way, you’ll have access to all the help, advice and support you’ll need throughout your employment period in the UK.

Our goal is to make every candidate's experience exceptional and fulfilling, and should any concerns arise, we guarantee to resolve them quickly and to your complete satisfaction.

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febin cyriac

About our Founder

Envertiz was founded by Febin Cyriac, whose simple idea for a top class recruitment service is now one of the most successful overseas employment businesses in the UK.

Having originally trained as a nurse in Mangalore he began his professional career in Mumbai, before travelling to the UK to continue his nursing education to degree level and securing a nursing position in Cambridge. At a time when UK nursing roles were difficult to find from overseas, Febin called on his own experiences to help others emulate his employment success, sharing presentations on NMC registration and living and working in the UK.

In 2014 Febin Cyriac created and launched the Envertiz Consultancy to help and support the overseas career aspirations of nurses worldwide, and played a key role in adapting NMC policy and employment criteria for overseas nurses. This included changing the NMC UK language competency guidelines for overseas nurses, notably those from non-English speaking nations.


His contribution to creating opportunities for overseas nurses to work in the UK has been outstanding. Under his direction, Envertiz will continue to encourage and support fairness and transparency in all aspects of the recruitment of overseas nurses in the UK, with the primary objective of ensuring their success and wellbeing and supporting them in all their endeavours.

"How very little can be done under the spirit of fear." - Florence Nightingale

We boldly aspire to build a healthier world filled with people who exhibit the fearless compassion of the great Florence Nightingale.

Your dreams are our dreams. We provide our clients with everything they need to take full advantage of the best nursing opportunities. Let us help you find the job that fits into the bright future you see for yourself. 


To facilitate and support our responsible, highly qualified clients in advancing their careers, thereby impacting the community through better nursing care. 


Above all, we value the service we provide. We have a great track record with our employers. These institutions have an impeccable reputation and provide an environment conducive to success. We provide a service free of bias and partiality.



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