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Every visitor to the United Kingdom wishes to know if they can bring their family. Yes, you may bring. Your family members ('dependents') may accompany you to the UK on your visa, but they will require financial support. You are not permitted to bring anyone else into the United Kingdom.

Any of the following constitutes a 'dependent':

Your spouse, wife, or common-law partner your kid under the age of 18


Important Update: Effective immediately, your partner's child/children should have a predetermined sum of money. As a result, they must sustain themselves while in the UK. This is required when applying for a dependent visa to the United Kingdom.


Your dependents may accompany you to the UK upon your arrival or at any time thereafter. Given that you are coming to the UK as a pre-registered nurse, the majority of companies recommend that you bring your family after passing the OSCE examination or within a few months of arrival. This is to ensure the safety of the colony. 

What are the costs involved?

Visa Application fee for each dependent: £247

Flight ticket for each dependent is approximately £600.

The funds listed below must be kept in the bank for 28 days. The application must be submitted within 31 days of the maintenance of funds and proof to be submitted while submitting the visa application.

  • £1270 for the main applicant

  • £285 for the dependant partner

  • £285 for the dependant partner

  • £315 for the one child

  • £200 for each additional child

Other costs to Consider:

  • Travel expenses from the Airport to the Accommodation

  • Accommodation – one month advance and rent.

  • Living costs.

Dependents Rights

Your spouse will have all the rights to live and work in the UK. They will have all the rights to do any job in the UK. Your dependent children can have free education in the UK.

Documents required for a dependent visa application:

  • Passport

  • Tuberculosis test report (not applicable for all nationalities) 

  • Police clearance check from all the countries they lived

  • Birth Certificate (Children)

  • Marriage Certificate (married partners)

  • Accommodation proof in the UK (Tenancy Agreement)

  • Employment confirmation letter from your Employer or COS.

Your employer certifies the maintenance fund for your dependents. So you won't need a personal saving statement. Please aware that you will not be entitled to any public subsidies and will be responsible for their stay in the UK. Details on bringing your family to the UK can be at:

Please be advised that children under 12 cannot be left alone at home while you are at work or outside. It's a crime in the UK. More information is available at:

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