The Existing NMC Registration Process

In order to work as a Registered Nurse in the United Kingdom, The NMC (Nursing & Midwifery Council) checks and verifies that an applicant is capable of practicing safely and effectively in the UK as a nurse or a midwife, and they assess the applicant’s qualification, training, and experience against the UK NMC standards. The NMC has replaced the registration process with a very simple and easy process that consumes less time and reduces the overall burden of the applicants. The new process came into existence on 7th October 2019. Unlike the old process, the NMC follows a different approach with the new process where the eligibility & qualification of the candidates are assessed first.


The following are the step by step description of the new process:

Step 1: Account creation.

Step 2: Complete eligibility & qualification application.

Step 3: Upload documents supporting your qualification & professional registration.

Step 4: Submit your application by making a payment of £140.

The NMC will take about 35 days to complete the process of initial assessment and NMC will contact you once complete. On successful completion of the initial assessment, you will be able to book the LEVEL 1 test of competence, ie CBT (Computer based test) which can be booked and appeared from any part of the world. CBT exam is conducted by Pearson Vue, who will send you an invitation email to schedule your test after the initial verification from NMC. The cost will be £83.00


On successful completion of the NMC’s tests of competence-Part-1, the applicant can begin the final stage of Registration. The steps involved are:


Step 1: General Health Declaration

Step 2: Character Declaration / PCC

Step 3: English Language Proficiency evidence (IELTS / OET)

Step 4: Payment of Registration fee £153

Step 5: Identity and Biometric verification

We advise nurses to complete second part of the registration as soon they pass the CBT and  before they travel to the UK

However, the LEVEL 2 test of competence, ie OSCE (Observed Structured Clinical Examination) has to be appeared from any of the test centers in the UK. You would need to complete the self declaration before NMC issues your registration Number.

NMC’s tests of competence:

1. Computer Based Test (CBT) – Pearson VUE Test Centers across the world.

2. Observed Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE) conducted at: 

     University of Northampton, UK

     Oxford Brookes University, UK

     Ulster University, UK

Computer Based Test (CBT)

  • Multiple choices

  • 120 questions

  • 4 hours max duration

  • 68% score overall to pass

  • Maximum 2 re-sits

Stage 2 – Observed Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE)


  • 6 OSCE stations.

  • 20 minutes per station with 5 minutes familiarization.

  • 4 stations are scenario-based, related to holistic patient-centered nursing and midwifery care.

  • 2 stations are focused on practical clinical skills.

  • Unique 20 criterion-based assessment sheet for each station.

  • Maximum 2 re-sits.

Fees associated with NMC Registration:

  • Initial Assessment fee £140

  • Part 1 test of competence (CBT) £83

  • Part 2 test of competence (OSCE) £794

  • Admission to the NMC register £153

Advantages of the new process over the old process:

  1. Refurbished and user-friendly NMC website that is smartphone/tablet friendly.

  2. Paperless “online” application process.

  3. Verification of Registrations with the regulating bodies/councils (or with both the educational institutions in case of unregistered candidates) done directly by the NMC.

  4. Downloadable personalized checklist for candidates to ensure easy and thorough submission.

  5. The NMC will provide step by step process guide to the candidates to show every stage of the application process.

  6. PCC from foreign countries is only required if the stay is of 12 months or more within the recent 10 years after the age of 18.

  7. Reduction in the processing time for every application to 35 days.

  8. Reduction in NMC CBT fee from £90 to £83.

  9. “Good Health Declaration” is not required if the individual is medically fit.

  10. The passport will suffice as an identity proof and birth certificate is not necessary.

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