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CBT Preparation

The CBT (Computer Based Test) is the first level of competency testing assigned by the NMC UK. We provide updated preparatory material for those candidates who are preparing for CBT. Once a candidate is enrolled with Envertiz, they are given access to our CBT applicants group comprising over 2500 participants, who benefit from continuous discussions on various questions, case studies, real-time scenarios with the opportunity to further enhance their knowledge and understanding.

OSCE Preparatory

The OSCE (Objective Structured Clinical Examination) is the second and final test of competency for nurses. Successful completion leads to registration in the UK. Candidates with Envertiz have the added advantage of additional support for the preparation of OSCE, including access to OSCE preparatory material prior to travelling to the UK. This ensures they have ample time to prepare for the examination before they land in the UK. We also organise training sessions and workshops, delivered by experienced tutors and high quality training aids to help ensure that everyone passes the OSCE first time.

Multidimensional Assistance

As recruiting consultants, we also provide assistance as immigration advisors, through our specialist team of professionals to look after the needs of the candidates. Every candidate is allocated a personal consultant to assist and support them through every stage of the process, from the beginning to the end of their job in the UK.

Free Consultation and Service

Envertiz Consultancy provides comprehensive support to nurses in pursuing their ambitions to live and work in the UK. The services we offer are free of cost with complete transparency, and applicants are provided with clear information about the eligibility and primary requirements of UK nursing.

NMC Full Application support

According to the NMC it takes an estimated 35 days to issue an approval letter from the date of payment and submission of new applications for assessment. The application process itself is simple to complete. Once the Approval letter is received, the candidate can proceed with booking a CBT from anywhere in the world.



Candidates can access our bespoke CBT Mock test software, NMC CBT, which is available for both Android and iOS devices.  The mock tests include a variety of questions, giving candidates valuable opportunities to prepare for their CBT well ahead of time.

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