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Carbon Reduction Plan



Envertiz is committed to achieving carbon neutrality within the next five years, aligning with global efforts to mitigate climate change. This comprehensive carbon reduction plan outlines specific strategies and initiatives that Envertiz will implement across its operations to reach netzero emissions by 2028.


Carbon Footprint Assessment


Begin with a thorough assessment of Envertiz's current carbon footprint, identifying key emission sources. This includes energy consumption, transportation, waste management, and supply chain activities. This baseline data will serve as a reference point for measuring progress throughout the carbon reduction journey.


Energy Efficiency Measures


Implement energy-efficient technologies and practices across all Envertiz facilities. This includes upgrading lighting systems, optimizing heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, and adopting renewable energy sources where feasible. Additionally, encourage employees to reduce energy usage through awareness campaigns and incentivize energy-saving behaviors.


Sustainable Transportation


Develop and promote sustainable transportation options for employees, such as carpooling, public transit incentives, and cycling programs. Introduce a fleet of electric or hybrid vehicles for company use and establish partnerships with transportation providers that prioritize environmentally friendly practices.


Remote Work Policies


Where it is possible, promote remote work policies to reduce the need for daily commuting. Encourage the use of virtual meetings and provide necessary resources for employees to work efficiently from home. This initiative not only cuts down on emissions but also enhances worklife balance.


Waste Reduction and Recycling


Implement a comprehensive waste reduction and recycling program within Envertiz offices. Encourage employees to reduce single-use plastics, recycle paper and electronics, and properly dispose of waste. Partner with waste management companies that prioritize environmentally friendly disposal methods.


Sustainable Supply Chain


Collaborate with suppliers to assess and improve the sustainability of the entire supply chain. Prioritize partnerships with suppliers committed to reducing their own carbon footprint and source materials locally to minimize transportation emissions. Consider incorporating circular economy principles into procurement processes. CRP-003 02-10-2023 Page 3 of 3


Employee Engagement and Training


Engage employees through educational programs on carbon reduction and sustainable practices. Foster a culture of environmental responsibility by involving employees in the decision-making process and recognizing and rewarding sustainability efforts. Regular training sessions will keep the workforce informed and motivated.


Offsetting Emissions


Despite best efforts, some emissions may be challenging to eliminate entirely. Invest in reputable carbon offset projects to compensate for residual emissions. These projects could include reforestation initiatives, renewable energy projects, or methane capture programs.


Continuous Monitoring and Reporting


Establish a robust monitoring and reporting system to track progress regularly. Utilize key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure the success of implemented initiatives. Regularly communicate progress to stakeholders through transparent reporting mechanisms, fostering accountability and trust.


Stakeholder Collaboration


Engage with stakeholders, including clients, employees, and local communities, to garner support for Envertiz's carbon reduction initiatives. Collaborate with industry peers and organizations to share best practices and collectively work towards a low-carbon future for the healthcare recruitment sector.



In conclusion, Envertiz's commitment to achieving net-zero emissions within the next five years is a testament to its dedication to environmental sustainability. By implementing these comprehensive strategies, Envertiz will not only reduce its carbon footprint but also contribute to the broader global efforts in combating climate change. This plan sets the stage for Envertiz to become a leader in environmentally conscious healthcare recruitment practices. Declaration and Sign-off This plan has been completed based on the standard for Carbon reduction plans. It has been reviewed and signed off by the Managing Director.

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