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Nursing Career in Ireland

Nurses Recruitment

The Irish Health Service has an outstanding reputation for providing high-quality nursing care and is appropriate for the development of a satisfying and esteemed nursing career. The Health Service Executive (HSE) offers a variety of rewarding career options to nurses and midwives who aspire to contribute to the health and lives of everyone living in Ireland.

With approximately 120,000 employees, HSE is the most significant employer in the Republic of Ireland. Through its Divisions, Hospital Groups, and Community Healthcare Organizations, the HSE delivers patient- and client-focused services across the country in hospitals and communities. The HSE aspires to cultivate a family-friendly workplace that allows all employees to embrace the organization's key values:

  • Care

  • Compassion

  • Trust

  • Learning

Hospital Groups

The acute hospitals system is comprised of seven hospital groups and is designed to guarantee that patients have access to adequate care in the most appropriate environment, achieve the best possible clinical outcomes, and secure the future viability of hospital services.

Community Healthcare Organisations

Within the Irish Health System, nine Community Healthcare Organisations (CHOs) are tasked with providing primary and community-based services. 

Private Hospitals

Over 25 private hospitals play a vital role in the provision of acute and mental health care in Ireland, accounting for over one-third of all acute hospitals in the country.

Salary of Nurses in Ireland 

A registered nurse in Ireland earns a competitive salary between €31,109 and €47,931 with additional pay for shift and differentials. The salary would be determined based on the qualification and experience of the nurse. 

Benefits of working as a nurse in Ireland 


There are numerous advantages to working for the Irish Health Service, a few of which are the following:

  • Permanent employment agreements

  • Continuing professional development opportunities

  • Sponsorship programmes for post-registration specialised education

  • Abundant yearly and public holiday leave benefits 

  • Working hours: 39 hours in a week

  • Excellent public service pension

  • Various employee programmes offer extensive leave benefits, such as maternity and parental leave, a shortened work year, and flexible work arrangements.

  • Scheme for travel passes with large tax reduction


Besides attractive salary packages, relocation perks and additional benefits, life in Ireland gives you exciting and life-changing experiences.

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