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UK beyond Brexit, Migration and the MAC recommendations

The people across the world, who are really planning to migrate to the United Kingdom, are keeping their fingers crossed, anxious about the possibility of getting a chance, as the government of the UK is also working on the possible plans to promote migration of this overseas skilled workers into the UK. This will also greatly help the end beneficiaries – the people of the UK.

The home office said it would set out the details of what would be a “firmer and fairer new system” in the due course. The prime minister and the home secretary are working closely on these immigration reforms that would be implemented soon.

Currently, people from within the EU do not require a visa to work in the UK because they have the benefit of “freedom of movement”-although there are limits on claiming certain benefits. The EXIT of BRITAIN from the European Union has led to the stoppage of “freedom of movement” for the European Union citizens after a prescribed transition period. The transition period for leaving the European Union ends on December 31st, 2020.

To create and execute a safe and sound migration process to the UK, the government has set an independent Advisory Committee (MAC) which has eventually made a series of recommendations on how the new system should look from 2021.

i) A point-based migration system which is similar to the Australian process currently in existence and working. Though UK point system is exactly same as that of the Australian system, the independent migration advisory committee [MAC] has rejected a full shift to an Australian points-based system, publishing detailed research which gives a picture of how a reformed immigration system might look after Brexit and the ending of freedom of movement for EU nationals.

ii) The committee has also recommended a mixed system, which would rely on a minimum salary threshold for those people who are coming to the UK with a job offer and point-based system for skilled workers coming to the UK without a job offer. If the government wants a point-based system it should only introduce it for skilled workers without a job offer, the committee concluded.

iii) Salary Threshold limits:

Currently the main way into the UK for non-EU migrants requires them to have a job. Skilled migrants who come to the UK to take up a job would be allowed earn (£25,600) £4,400 less than the current £30, 000 thresholds for non-EU workers, under the proposals. The committee has also recommended higher thresholds for more highly paid occupations.

Across NHS hospitals, community and primary care settings, there are around 150,000 doctors in total and over 320,000 nurses and midwives. As per the new immigration system, the changes are also expected to reduce pressures on the NHS, schools and social housing, though they will increase pressure on social care groups. The Committee has recommended reducing the existing salary threshold to £25, 600 to make it easier for teachers, NHS employees and people at the start of their careers to qualify and migrate.


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