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A step by step guide to NMC Registration

Working in the UK as a nurse, requires that you meet the eligibility criteria set forth by the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC). The NMC is the regulatory body for nurses, midwives, and nursing associates in the United Kingdom.

NMC Registration ensures that nurses trained outside the UK meet the standards of competence, conduct, and ethics required to practice safely and effectively within the UK healthcare system.

A smiling nurse after NMC registration

Here's a step-by-step guide to help you navigate your NMC registration:

Step 1. Checking if you're ready to register:

Before beginning your NMC registration process there are a checklist of documents that you will need to provide to complete your registration. Documents you will need include:

a. A valid passport from your country of origin or a recognized international passport,

b. A recognised three-year nursing degree or diploma from an accredited institution recognised by the NMC UK.

c. The original certificate of nursing qualification, which can be a physical or digital copy that is the official document issued by the institution.

d. A health certificate signed by an authorised official.

e. It is of utmost importance that you provide accurate information. If any of your documents are under a different name, the NMC will require you to upload proof of your name change, such as a marriage, civil partnership, divorce, or deed poll announcement for the NMC to verify your identity.

f. You will also need to provide a clearance certificate from a National Authority to prove you've not been involved in any crime or found guilty under law.

g. Proof of English Language Assessment (IELTS/OET).

h. Appropriate indemnity coverage evidence that covers your nursing practice.

Step 2. Complete the eligibility and qualification application.

a. Create an NMC account by visiting -

b. Complete the NMC qualification application.

c. Present Identification Documentation. The provided proof, such as a passport, must be valid at the time of application.

d. Attach a copy of your original qualification.

e. A non-refundable qualification evaluation charge of £140 must be paid when you're ready to submit your eligibility and qualification application.

After your application is received and the evaluation fee is paid, the NMC will contact your regulator to confirm that you are registered and that your qualifications permit you to register with the NMC in the relevant profession. NMC will then request that you finish your registration application via email.

Depending on your qualifications, NMC registration may require that you pass a Test of Competence as part of your application.

Step 3: Take the Test of Competence.

a. NMC will evaluate applicants' skills and knowledge using the Test of Competence (ToC) when they apply to join the register from abroad or re-join after an extended absence.

The CBT is a Test of Competence that is divided into two sections:

Part A covers numeracy and is in a problem-solving format.

Part B contains clinical questions about midwifery or nursing, presented in a multiple-choice format.

  The fee for the CBT exam is £83


b. Your Pearson Vue account will promptly display your ToC result on the same day. If in case you do not clear the CBT on the first attempt, you have the option to reappear for the exam provided you pay a small fee.


To learn about our comprehensive CBT Training visit: (

4. Complete registration application.

a. A self-statement verifying if you have or are managing a medical condition and disadvantage that limits your capacity to practise safely and effectively. The NMC will contact a licensed medical professional to obtain a supporting statement regarding your health. This statement should be from a healthcare professional who is familiar with your medical history and can attest to your fitness.

However, it cannot be a friend or relative, but it could be your general practitioner, family physician, or occupational health specialist.


b. A self-declaration verifying if you have ever been the subject of a police charge, caution, conviction, or conditional discharge, as well as any decisions made by any regulatory authority internationally or in the UK (apart from the NMC).


c. Provide proof that your training satisfies the NMC's English language requirement, such as a recognized English Language Test (IELTS/OET) or additional supporting documentation from your employer (SIFE).


d. A self-statement stating that, as long as you practise, you have (or will have) suitable indemnity coverage.


e. A fee of £153 must be paid along with your application as registration cost.

5. Evaluating your application

a. After receiving your application and payment of the registration fee, the NMC will contact the references you've specified to confirm your eligibility.


b. NMC will assess your information only after they have received all of your supporting documentation and verification from your references.


c. Your application will be reviewed by the NMC within 30 days.


d. Following that, the NMC will email you about their decision and provide the next steps you need to follow to complete your OSCE.



Navigating the NMC registration process may seem daunting, but with thorough preparation and adherence to requirements, you'll be one step closer to achieving your goal of practicing nursing in the UK.


And if these steps seem too complex for you, then don't worry get help with your NMC registration from our experts today!


NMC Registration helpline: +91 9746 444 070



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