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Requirements to register with HCPC

Level of educational qualification: Bachelor's degree with honours

  • International English Language Testing System (IELTS): 7.0 with no element below 6.5

  • Test of English as a Foreign Language (*TOEFL) Internet-Based Test (IBT): A minimum score of 100/120

*HCPC will not accept any TOEFL test score undertaken in the UK.

Registrant Physiotherapists must:

  • Be able to practise within their area of practise in a safe and effective manner

  • Be able to practise within their profession's legal and ethical constraints

  • Be able to retain physical fitness in order to practise

  • Be able to work independently as a professional, using their professional judgement

  • Be conscious of how culture, equality, and diversity affect practise

  • Be able to practise without discrimination

  • Recognise the necessity of maintaining the confidentiality and be able to do so

  • Be able to communicate properly

  • Be able to collaborate effectively with others

  • Be able to keep records in a proper manner

  • Be able to evaluate and reflect on one's own work

  • Be able to guarantee the quality of their work

  • Understand the essential concepts in the knowledge base that apply to their field

  • Be able to use relevant knowledge and skills to guide practise

  • Recognise the importance of establishing and maintaining a safe practise environment

Expectations of HCPC from registrant 

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