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nursing recruitment agency to uk


Envertiz Consultancy is a renowned and a leading international healthcare recruitment agency in the UK, Dubai, India (Cochin, Bangalore and Chandigarh), registered in Scotland. We aid nurses who want to move to the UK. Since 2014, we have built a good name both domestically and internationally in the UK Nursing Recruitment Industry. In the previous two years, we've helped over 4000 nurses in the UK, both NHS and private. More than 60 NHS trusts and care homes in England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland already cooperate with us. Since January 2021, over 1000 nurses have been recruited and deployed successfully.

Envertiz is unique in that it is owned and run by nurses in the UK. As a result, candidates enrolled with Team Envertiz gain valuable knowledge about the UK process, direct exposure to potential employers, and timely coaching and assistance during their job period.

As a UK direct recruiting firm, we guide you through the process and point you in the right way. It is the goal of Team Envertiz to strive and make each candidate's experience unique and mind-blowing. Our consultant will do all possible to make you pleased. We offer extra services to our applicants to better serve them.


  • Envertiz do not collect any service charge or recruitment fee. 

  • IELTS & CBT fee will be refunded.

  • All nursing (NMC) registration fees will be refunded.

  • The Visa fee will be paid by the employer.

  • Free flight ticket provided by the employer.

  • Airport pickup.

  • Temporary accommodation up to 3 months.

  • OSCE fee will be paid by the employer.

nursing recruitment agency to uk
nursing recruitment agency to uk

A job as a nurse in the United Kingdom

Beginning in 2001, nurses from other nations have been hired to work in the UK. In the UK, there are currently over 700,000 registered nurses. The majority of nurses work for the National Health Service, although they can be found working in a wide range of public and private institutions, including hospitals, health centres, and care facilities (NHS). The Nursing and Midwifery Council in the United Kingdom requires registration as a nurse before you can practise (NMC). The number of nurses registered from other countries has increased by more than 125%, as can be seen.


The United Kingdom's NHS is the world's best healthcare system. Professional advancement is significantly easier in the UK because of the scale of the NHS, which provides more chances, a wider range of roles, and a simpler promotion process.


  • Possibility of a long-term job with relocation benefits.

  • Five-year residency requirement for permanent resident (PR) status.

  • Availability of several potential employers and work settings.

  • No cap on number of nurses that can be hired each year.

  • Possibility to travel and settle in the United Kingdom with your family.

  • High living standards and social security are both provided.

  • You and your family are entitled to free public education and health care.

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