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13 Reasons to Choose Envertiz Consultancy

Envertiz Consultancy was conceptualised to provide fair and unbiased recruitment to candidates seeking to work for the NHS in the UK. We recruit qualified healthcare professionals for both the Public and Private sector in the UK. Choosing the right agency can be a difficult choice to make. With numerous agencies providing recruitment services to candidates, choosing the right one to secure your future is essential in making a successful career transition to the UK.

In this article, we take a look at 13 reasons why you should choose Envertiz Consultancy.

Founded By Nurses

Envertiz was founded by our founder Febin Cyriac, a nurse by profession; he envisioned the idea for Envertiz as a company that works for nurses, by nurses. Being owned and operated by a group of nurses ensures that your future is always in the right hands. Being able to relate with our customers means we can understand their needs fully and do the needful when meeting their requirements.

Free Recruitment

Our recruitment services are provided free of charge to our customers. We take pride in the fact that we do not charge our customers for our recruitment services. Our recruitment services will always be free, and we will never compromise on the quality of the services we provide. Our commitment to providing top-quality services is evident in our track record over the years.

Dedicated Team

All our candidates have the advantage of having a dedicated team to assist them when needed. Each candidate that processes their recruitment through us gets a dedicated team to assist them with all formalities and procedures. Candidates need not worry about complex documentation and formalities to complete their application. Our team works alongside candidates to ensure their application is processed on time.

Hassle-free processing

Candidates who use our services enjoy freedom from lengthy documentation procedures and tiresome processing. Our team ensures our candidates never have to worry about complex documentation procedures. We manage the entire recruitment process, from immigration and licensing to relocation, and guarantee a seamless experience for our candidates and clients.

An extensive network of Trusts

Our industry experience has helped us foster excellent relations with many trusts and hospitals in the UK. Our network spans the length and breadth of the UK; this allows candidates to be flexible when choosing the trust they want to work in. Candidates can select a trust of their choice from our network of hospitals. As all trusts have different benefits, our candidates can choose a trust that best aligns with their needs.

Direct Recruitment

We recruit directly to hospitals in the UK, and no middlemen are involved in any step of the process. This enables our candidates to get the best opportunities without the involvement of intermediaries. Direct Recruitment sessions for public and private sector employers in the UK allow our candidates to meet their prospective employers beforehand and better grasp how they operate directly from representatives of the trust.

Interview Preparation

Successfully giving an interview is one of the most crucial steps to fulfilling your dream of working in the UK. Attending an interview can be difficult without proper guidance. We provide our candidates with Interview Preparatory Sessions that help them to be more confident when attempting an interview. Our trainers go to great lengths to ensure our candidates are fully prepared to attend the NHS interview.

NMC CBT Training

The NMC CBT exam is an objective multiple-choice exam designed to test nurse competency. Clearing this exam is mandatory and crucial to becoming an NHS Nurse. We offer complete training solutions to candidates looking to clear their CBT exams. Regular online classes, specially curated study materials, periodic mock tests, a robust question bank to practice from, and doubt-clearing sessions ensure our candidates are always prepared and at their best before attempting their CBT exam. We also have a dedicated NMC CBT app that candidates can use when preparing for their exams. The app is available on iOS and Android .

OSCE Training

OSCE (Objective Structured Clinical Examinations) are a series of exams conducted to test a candidate's clinical skills in a standardized medical scenario. Envertiz provides training for candidates looking to attempt their OSCE exams. Our dedicated trainers help our candidates to prepare for the exam with face-to-face sessions and mock tests that gauge their ability to deal with medical scenarios. We also have an exclusive support group on Telegram where important questions and scenarios are discussed between candidates and qualified trainers.

Pre-Departure Orientation

Once candidates are ready to begin their journey to the UK, we offer them a Pre Departure Orientation session. It is a short session designed to give them a better understanding of life in the UK and includes advice on navigating life while in the UK. These sessions help candidates to make a smooth transition into the UK.

Post Placement Pastoral Support

Moving to a new country can be an unsettling experience, especially if you have no one to ask for support or guidance. This is where our post-placement pastoral support comes into play. We provide candidates with support and guidance even after their placement. Our team works towards alleviating any doubts or queries our candidates may have about life in the UK. From Airport pick-up and drop to assistance in bank account creation and more. We ensure that our candidates always have support and guidance when they need it the most.

Proven Track Record

With over 8000 nurses recruited during our operations, we have a proven track record for recruiting qualified healthcare professionals to the UK. Our business has been built on a legacy of trust and goodwill. Being a recognised name in overseas recruitment in the UK allows our candidates to achieve their dreams of working and settling in the UK.

High Success Rate

We have fine-tuned our recruitment process to such an extent that we have one of the highest success rates in the industry. Our 'Offer Acceptance Rate' has remained above 90% throughout most of our years in the industry. Think Envertiz, Think Success.

If you're ready to start your journey with Envertiz, click here and drop us a message. One of our representatives will get in touch with you.


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