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NMC eases the overseas nurses registration process

Latest changes announced by the NMC UK in the registration process for the overseas nurses

In Order to Work as a nurse in the UK, you are required to register with the Nursing Midwifery Council (NMC). Overseas nurses must do the registration through the NMC website before coming to the UK as a Nurse. Although many changes happened at different times in the past, the process flow of overseas nurses registration remained the same. For the first time, the NMC-UK has come up with a change in the registration process flow with effect from 7th Oct 2019.

The new NMC portal will be more user-friendly and more streamlined than the current system.

The Current Process in a Nutshell:

  • Registering an Account in the NMC portal and creating a User-name and password using a registered email ID.

  • Obtain an authorization to book and undertake the part I Competency examination (CBT) after a wait period of 24 hours.

  • Booking a slot for CBT examination in home country by paying £90.

  • CBT passed candidate, qualifies to the second stage; i.e., Full application assessment stage by paying the full application fee of £140 online.

  • NMC Full Application stage: The candidate has to furnish required details in every section of the application,including;

  • Proof of identification verification

  • English language verification

  • Professional education & training verification

  • Post qualification registration verification

  • Employment reference verification

  • Good Health & Good Character verification

At this stage, candidates are required to upload some relevant documents to the portal and post few documents to the NMC.

  • Once the NMC confirms the receipt of the sent documents, the applicant can submit the application for an assessment. On successful completion of the above steps; the NMC would verify the application and if satisfied, would approve the application and issue a “Decision letter” to the candidate in duration of 30-60 working days. (If there is any shortcoming observed by the NMC, the council would ask the applicant to re-submit that document or add more supporting documents as per the need. However, there were instances where applicants received their DLs in a very fast timeline of few weeks; but it’s solely subjected to the case worker of those applications.)

  • If any candidate (who has a Decision letter in hand) has an employer he/she can come to UK through the employer or can fly to UK on a visit visa to fulfill the Part II examination of NMC registration called the OSCE at one of the three test centres in the UK

  • On successful completion of the part II OSCE exam & ID verification the candidate would receive the NMC registration normally within 72 hours. The candidate should pay the final NMC Registration fee of £153 before receiving the NMC PIN.

The New Process flow from October:

As per the new process planned to be implemented by 07 October 2019, an eligible candidate will have to create an account in the NMC portal and furnish the details to fulfil the eligibility assessment.

  • Check you are ready to register

  • Check your pre-application checklist

  • Complete eligibility and qualification application

  • Provide identity verification

  • Provide qualification verification

  • Provide registration verification

  • Pay the NMC application fee

The NMC checks the qualification and nursing registration of the candidate by contacting the relevant authority via email, this means you are no longer required to post any documents to the NMC. This assessment will be done in 35 days

  • Approval for CBT exam

  • Approval for OSCE exam

  • Good Health & Good Character verification

  • English language verification

  • Employment reference verification

On completion of the above; the candidate should pay the NMC Registration fee and undergo identity checks after which the Registration PIN is issued.

What is Changing

  • Brand new portal and user friendly NMC website that is smartphone / tablet friendly.

  • Downloadable personalized checklist for candidates to ensure easy and thorough submission.The NMC will provide step by step process guide to the candidates to show every stage of the application process.

  • Paperless “online” application more documents to be posted to NMC

  • No more transcripts required for IELTS/OET passed nurses

  • Qualification & Registration verification with the regulating bodies/councils will be done directly by the NMC.

  • PCC from foreign countries is only required if the applicants lived a period of 12 months or more for the recent 10 years after the age of 18.

  • “Good Health Declaration” is not required if the individual is medically fit.

  • No more Decision letters

  • Option to do CBT in the UK

  • NMC application assessment time is reduced to 35 days.

Who will start the new Process

Any applicant starting NMC registration from 1st of October will be under the new process or applicants who started NMC registration process will be asked to start a new application under the new process unless you have passed CBT and paid your NMC application fee by 30th September.

What happens if I have started the NMC registration?

Applicants completed the CBT exam and started their full application assessment by paying NMC fee will remain on the current system and your application will be processed as normal.(**There is a transition period of 12 months for such candidates to qualify the OSCE and obtain the Registration)

Everyone else will be asked to start a new application and CBT and other details will be transferred to the new platform.

We are currently recruiting overseas nurses to a number of NHS hospitals in the UK, if you are a nurse looking for employment in the UK, Please email your CV and documents to for a free assessment.


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