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NMC Updates the English Language Test Score

Nursing Midwifery Council (NMC) UK has approved the recommendations to accept a score of 6.5 in writing module of IELTS after serious engagement and particular consultation with the stakeholders today. The council has taken extreme caution and calculated steps by taking valuable feedback and reviews from the Nurses and Midwives serving in the UK who basically originate from the non-native English speaking countries.

Overseas nurses required to score level 7 in all IELTS modules to fulfill the overseas nurses registration requirement of the NMC UK, which was really hard to score, even after having a very high understanding on the language.

The NMC UK will be closely monitoring the changes for quite sometime in the future and this result would also create changes in the NMC UK’s international policy and statutory guidance. The aforesaid change would come in to effect from 5th December 2018. IELTS results under two years old that meet the new requirements will be considered from 5th December 2018. Successful applicants will still have to achieve a score of 7 in the reading, speaking and listening aspects of the exam with writing 6.5, resulting in an overall result of 7. The highest mark is a 9. NMC also confirmed applicants can still use two IELTS score sheets within the last six months to meet the above requirement. NMC has plans to consider the same on Occupational English Test(OET).

It is pertinent to mention that this is a one among the changes proposed and had been carefully considered by the council after a wide review. Envertiz Consultancy director, Mr. Febin Cyriac expresses his sincere gratitude to one and all who shared their opinion and valuable support in his petition asking NMC to reduce the IELTS score. Mr.Febin Cyriac's petition has gained 24000 supporters and he succeeded in presenting these proposals to the NMC for the sake of the overseas nursing community aspiring to work in the UK.

This is an exciting news for overseas nurses who are keen to work in the United Kingdom. It is estimated that 40000 unfilled nursing positions are available in the UK. Envertiz is currently recruiting overseas nurses to 20 NHS trusts in the United Kingdom. If you are a nurse or if you know a nurse who is interested in working in the UK please share this news with them.

Please send your documents to for an employment opportunity in the UK

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