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Buckinghamshire – The New Favourite Career Destination of Nurses in the UK

UK is home to numerous regal and traditionally cultured districts – making this a great venue for overseas people to come by, work, and establish their lives right here. Over the years, with the growing demand of quality healthcare, overseas nurses have been recruited to this place. The county officials ensure that these dedicated workers are looked after well and are helped to seamlessly merge with the society and lifestyle in Bucks.

Of course, there are many places in the UK, but recently, there has been rising preference level for Buckinghamshire. So, we thought of understanding why this place has found a sweet spot with those who love to work in the UK

If you are waiting to work in the UK, then we have 17 Awesome Reasons why you can be a resident of this place. Here is our take on Buckinghamshire

17 Reasons why you can settle in Buckinghamshire

  1. Historical value: Famously known as Bucks, this classic topographical beauty is the Entrepreneurial Delight of the UK. It is a very famous and prestigious place to live in Southern England.

  2. Living Standards: It is known to maintain a high standard of living, thereby ensuring that residents are provided with premium amenities

  3. Culture: The place is known for its upper class lifestyle, and also for their warm, friendly outlook in life.

  4. Food Culture: Today with a multi-cultured population, every food lover can lay their hands on a few authentic English delights like the classic Fish & Chips, stunning afternoon tea bakeries, farm fresh vegetarian options, Indo based culinary cuisines and lots more to try out.

  5. Residential Option: This beautiful place is balanced with a good proportion of business venues, residential areas, excellent schools and universities, and even great places for families to spend time over weekends.

  6. Schools: Some of the well known schools are Aylesbury High and Aylesbury Grammar Schools, Royal Grammar School in High Wycombe, Dr Challenor’s Grammar School, Waddesdon Church of England School and the Stowe School

  7. Placement Options: With regard to the higher educational options, the county provides a lot of universities and colleges. Most of the universities have tie- ups with the local companies, thereby opening avenues for stable jobs and attractive placement options for the youthful skilled workforce.

  8. University Options: The only privately funded university in the UK is The University of Buckingham, invites students from all over the world every year for quality education. Next, Open University is one of the known distance education colleges. Then they have access to University of Oxford and also another preferred one is the National Enterprise Academy in Aylesbury.

  9. Business Options: For those who seek investment, Buckinghamshire is known to attract a lot of property buyers and sellers over the years. With a large collection of country houses, and urban apartments, residents have so much to choose from. There are opportunities for all income segments as people love to rent out homes or apartments in the key towns and even in the less urban places.

  10. Mixed Crowds: One of the highlights of Buckinghamshire is a fact that, people from all over the globe come to work here, and therefore Bucks has happened to be a great place to live in with no discrimination.

  11. Job Opportunities: Since this is a business hub for many companies, people will find plenty of jobs to suit their qualifications and lifestyles. This is one of the major reasons why families come forward to settle and build a life in Buckinghamshire.

  12. Clinical excellence: Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust is one of the finest hospitals that people can approach and they offer plenty of jobs to nurses and doctors from around the world.

  13. Leisure Venues: From rowing, ball sports, travelling through the natural landscapes that the urban side has to offer, golf clubs, and football clubs.

  14. Nature spots: For nature lovers, The Chiltern Forests and the nearby woodlands are great places to visit.

  15. Enchanting Heritage: For those who love to explore the real royal history of Buckinghamshire, you must visit a few famous places like Iron Age House, Buckinghamshire’s County Museum, the well known temple-filled Stowe House and lots more.

  16. Travel: We assure that there is some exciting mode of travel for every travel enthusiast! People can travel using affordable options like the train, flights, subways, taxis, or even the roadways.

  17. Nearby Places: Some of the nearby and friendly communities that people can explore are Aylesbury, Turville, Beaconsfield, The Lee, Newport Pagnell, Medmenham and many more must visit places are there. These showcase countryside beauty and will be loved by children, young adults and families alike.

On a Final Note By now, you must have got an idea of what Buckinghamshire holds in store for people. Whether you are a UK resident, or an overseas person, you can be assured of having a safe and peaceful life. It is perfect for families to settle, as they have plenty of amenities that are accessible for people. If you want to know anymore about the nursing opportunities in this place, please leave a comment below or even contact us. We will be happy to get back to you.


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