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IHS Surcharge Scrapped for Overseas Nurses

NHS staff and care workers from overseas will no longer have to pay Immigration surcharge towards the NHS.

Prime Minister Boris Jhonson has asked the Home office to scrap the Immigration surcharge for NHS workers. He also said "The purpose of the NHS surcharge is to benefit the NHS, help to care for the sick and save lives. NHS and care workers from abroad who are granted visas are doing this already by the fantastic contribution which they make."

He also mentioned ''The care he received from overseas nurses while he was in hospital influenced him to U-turn his decision''.

In a statement issued on Thursday evening, a Number 10 spokesman added that as a “personal beneficiary of carers from abroad” he understood the “difficulties faced by our amazing NHS staff.”

Mr. Boris Johnson has now asked the Home Office and Health Department to remove the charge “as soon as possible,” with details on how the change will be implemented due to being announced in the coming days.

As a company, Envertiz feels great pride in this, we have been campaigning to scrap the IHS surcharge lead by our director Febin Cyriac in the last few weeks. We feel Immigration Surcharge is an additional burden and double taxing on our migrant workers. As a company, we have seen a big number of nurses who struggled to pay IHS to bring their loved ones to the United Kingdom and we have been supporting them financially.

Febin Cyriac would like to thank each and everyone who supported the campaign and signed the petition to scrap the Immigration Health Surcharge:

There are various questions about how this will be implemented or to whom this will be applicable - only NHS workers and their families or the entire healthcare sector. The home office would update this in the coming days and we expect that to happen soon.


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