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Why should you relocate to London in 2022?

London welcomes and becomes home to everyone through numerous attractive advantages.

A city that owns a history of two millennia

London, the capital city of England and the United Kingdom, has a history that spans over 2,000 years. Since then, it has become one of the most important financial and cultural capital cities in the world. It has survived the plague, catastrophic fire, civil war, aerial bombardment, terrorist attacks, and riots.

With a population of just over 9 million, London is now the capital and largest city of England and the United Kingdom. It has been a major settlement for two millennia on the river Thames in southeast England at the head of a 50-mile (80 km) estuary leading to the North Sea.

The administration of London is formed of two tiers, (i) a citywide strategic tier; (ii)a local tier. Greater London Authority (GLA) coordinates citywide administration,

while 33 smaller bodies carry out local government. The Greater London Authority comprises two elected components: the mayor of London, who has executive powers, and the London Assembly, which scrutinises the mayor's choices and can approve or reject the mayor's annual budget recommendations.

Why should you pursue your London dream?

Relocating to another part of the world is definitely a challenging process. However, it is really worth taking those challenges for London, as multiple reasons motivate you to move to the home of the Big Ben.

Countless job opportunities

London's job market is robust and abundant with employment options. It is easy to find casual jobs to multinational jobs in the city. As a result, finding a suitable profile for your dependent who has the same work right as yours can be more effortless. Here are a few facts about London's current employability status.

  • home to top companies and MNCs in the world

  • high salary packages and other benefits compared to other areas in the UK

  • multiple research opportunities

  • promotes young and developing businesses

  • professionals frequently get the chance to climb the job ladder swiftly due to the availability of better options

Nursing Jobs in London
Here are highly reputable hospitals under the UK National Health Service (NHS) located in London, and has been an increase in job opportunities for experienced overseas nurses. Find the current vacancies here. Most NHS employers in London offer attractive relocation benefits for nurses, including a starting salary of Band 5 plus high-cost area allowances, child care, NHS pension, annual leave, Etc.

The best transportation in Europe

London is known for its solid public transportation systems with a high standard. The modes of transportation in the city are:

  • Underground Rail: The London Underground, also known as the Tube, is the world's oldest and third-longest metro system. The system has 272 stations.

  • Suburban Rails: In the London Travelcard Zones, there are 368 stations on the large above-ground suburban train network. Waterloo is the busiest station in Britain, with approximately 184 million passengers using the interchange station complex (which also includes Waterloo East station) annually.

  • Inter-city and International: Seventy per cent of rail journeys begin or conclude in London, making the city the hub of the National Rail network. London's King's Cross station and Euston station are the origins of the East Coast Main Line and the West Coast Main Line, two major British railway lines. Additionally, London offers good train links to airports located outside Greater London.

  • Bus: London's bus network runs 24 hours daily with about 9,300 vehicles, over 675 bus routes and about 19,000 bus stops.

  • Aviation: London is a major international air transportation hub with the world's busiest urban airspace. There are eight airports with the term London in their names. Some additional airports also serve London, especially for general aviation aircraft.

Coaches, trams, port and river boats, cable cars, and cycling are other city transportation modes.

The Global Village

London is famed for its multi-ethnic atmosphere and cosmopolitanism. The city is home to residents from nearly every continent. Although English is the official language, over 300 different languages are spoken here. The city possesses a diverse blend of religions, cultures, and beliefs and is also a tolerant and people-friendly location.

Housing in London

You may believe that London is the most expensive city to live in. However, there are affordable neighbourhoods in this great city. Particularly, excellent homes are still available in Beckton (Newham), Catford (Lewisham), Charlton (Greenwich), and Leyton (Waltham Forest) for reasonable prices.


Primary and secondary education: The bulk of primary, secondary, and postsecondary schools and colleges in London are administered by London boroughs or are otherwise state-funded. In addition, there are a number of private schools and colleges in London, some of which are old and renowned, including;

  • City of London School

  • Harrow

  • St Paul's School

  • Haberdashers' Aske's Boys' School

  • University College School

  • The John Lyon School

  • Highgate School and

  • Westminster School.

Higher Education: London is a key global centre for teaching and research in higher education and has the largest density of higher education institutions in Europe. London is home to numerous world-renowned educational institutions, including the leading social science institution for teaching and research and three of the top ten performing arts schools in the world.

Leisure, Entertainment and Cuisines

Tourism and leisure are major contributors to London's economy. The city, including Chinatown, owns numerous cinemas, pubs, clubs, and restaurants. London is also one of the four fashion capitals of the world and, according to official statistics, the third-busiest film production centre, the city with the greatest theatre audience, and the city with the most live comedy performances.

London offers you multinational cuisines as an international destination with an incredibly diverse population. London proudly owns over 15,000 restaurants, and hence it is easy to find your favourite appetite, anything from Indian curries to Greek chicken souvlaki.

General Tips

Accommodation: In the usual scenario, NHS Trusts provides their staff accommodation for one to three months (varies from employer to employer). However, if you are relocating with your family, you must start looking for accommodations before you move.

Packing and Weather Essentials: First comers habitually pack too many unnecessary things from their home country, whereas most essentials can be bought from the UK. However, carrying a raincoat, umbrella, waterproof boots, and a jacket would be adequate as the rain might come out of nowhere and wet you completely at any time.

UK SIM Card: A SIM card is crucial, particularly when travelling outside the home country. Using mobile telephony by activating the international services in the existing connection would cost anyone a lot and would really blow up the budget. Lebara is the most cost-effective service provider in the UK. Envertiz provides ready-to-use pre-recharged Lebara SIM cards with attractive offers before you leave India.

Bank Account: A bank account in the UK is essential in order to draw the salary and other monetary benefits, especially when you relocate for work purposes. In a normal procedure, a UK bank account opening by directly visiting the branch or online may consume up to a week. However, our collaboration with ICICI Bank helps you start an international bank account before your travel to the UK, which makes your initial days in the UK effortless.

Have patience: Relocating to another part of the world is not an easy task. Hence, take enough time to adapt to the culture. Cultural shocks can occur as a result of shifts in cultural change. Cultural shocks, both positive and negative, are a normal part of migrating to a new country.

Options to relocate to London with family

Nurses who join the UK National Health Service (NHS) have the provision to bring their family, including spouse or partner, along with children to the UK. The dependent partner will have the same work right as the primary applicant. There are numerous opportunities for overseas registered nurses with the NHS in London.

Reach us to start the process at the earliest.


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