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New Band 4 ‘Associate Nurse’

New Band 4 ‘Associate Nurse’role set to be created in UK

Government plans to introduce a new nursing role designed to bridge the gap between registered nurses and senior healthcare assistants are to be launched in the coming weeks

An announcement on the creation of the new role is expected to be followed by a consultation shortly afterwards. The role will be assigned to band 4 and is expected to be given the title “associate nurse”.However, question marks are thought to remain on whether those employed in the new post will be regulated by the Nursing and Midwifery Council(NMC).There has been increasing support among directors of nursing for the role’s introduction in recent months, but the Royal College of Nursing warned the move could mark a “retrograde” step.

However, it is understood that plans to introduce the role will now go ahead before the pilots begin. National training and workforce planning body Health Education England is working on the plans alongside the Department of Health to develop a role that “gives patients the best possible safe and effective care”.

Health Education England has previously said it was looking into how to make it easier for people with care experience to complete a fast-track nurse degree.NHS Directors confirms there is a shortfall of nurses on the ground, and we can’t continue working the way we are. Whatever happens with students, we have three years to wait so we have to do something different to protect the patients.More Updates are yet to come.Source: NT)

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