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COVID 19 is getting more and more intense as the days pass, we appeal everyone to keep calm, not to be panic and follow the basic guidelines provided by our health authorities and the government to ensure minimum casualty and effect. The UK government is taking many steps to curtail the problem and has also taken many steps to support the NHS in particular who are the front line warriors in this struggle.

It is really heartbreaking when we encounter a challenge or a problem which is a way too beyond our imagination and expectation. It is a bitter truth that many things in our life happen, beyond our control and plan; the most crucial part is when it affects our life process more than anything else. What we can rely upon all times is nothing but a strong will and determination to overcome all our hurdles with tolerance and perseverance.

So dear nurses, COVID 19 is a matter of time; do not lose heart; be patient save your energy, extend your endurance and wait for the right time, you will WIN. These words won’t suffice your anxiety or interest in the updates about the process unless you are enriched with the right knowledge and status of your UK process.

We have created a list of answers to the common question we came across from our anxious candidates who are in various stages of the UK process. You may please follow the link to get your basic doubts cleared: All questions have been systematically solved and answered with very practical possibilities based on the current situation.

In the wake of the COVID 19 outbreak, our offices will be closed and all our staff will be working from their home location until further notice. However, all your queries would be answered with due importance and priority when you contact us.

**Contact us through e-mail or telephone on any information required. Our consultants will be keeping you all updated with all the required information through e-mails and phone calls.


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