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How to use NMC's test combining calculator

With the NMC amending its rules for the combining of test scores. The announcement has brought much needed relief for candidates who otherwise would not have qualified due to low scores in their English Language Proficiency exam. The scores needed to register for the NMC has been relaxed in their previous announcement and opens the door for new candidates seeking to register with the NMC. To read more about the amended changes visit our blog on the topic for further information.

To make it easier for candidates to combine their scores and for better understanding of the amended rules the NMC has released a 'Test combining calculator' that can be used by candidates to check their eligibility using either their IELTS or OET test scores. In this guide we take you through a step by step process on how to use this new NMC test combining calculator. Step 1: Open the following link in your browser:

Step 2: Once the link is open, Click 'Next' as shown at the bottom right of the screen.

Step 3: Select which test scores you wish to combine. You can select either 'IELTS' or 'OET'

Step 4: Once you have selected which scores you wish to combine. Enter your scores of each component in the fields below.

Step 5: After entering your scores in the respective fields, proceed to click 'Next'

Step 6: Enter your second test scores in the fields below.

Note: The gap between the two tests must not be more than 12 months and you must be tested in all four sections both times.

Step 7: After entering your Test 2 scores, Click on 'Submit' to generate the results.

Step 8: You will now be able to see the results.

Note: A green arrow suggests a required score. Yellow arrow shows minimum score that you can use for combining and Red arrow shows an ineligible score.

Step 9: To view the combined results as a PDF you can click the 'Download PDF' button on the top right of the screen.


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