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UK Calling Nurses

Is the UK really calling us?

As a job seeker, as a professional, as an aspirant, as a person planning to migrate to a great country, I or perhaps we have this fascinating doubt hammering our head once, twice and maybe always. Destination UK is one of the best, in fact, one of the top 5 English speaking countries that every one of us would love to go, work and settle in. It brings us a great sense of pride, confidence, happiness, and excitement of just dreaming of being there in that country.

Why so? It’s simple because the UK provides you with a very high standard of living; it has a very high Human Development Index, good social security, better job security, immense job opportunities, access to the public funds, free children’s education and above all the wide acceptance of multiculturalism.

There are primarily two things that make the UK the most popular destination among the English speaking countries; Job Opportunity and Educational Institutions of very high international standards.

BREXIT Dilemma:

BREXIT is nothing but the planned exit of the UK from the European Union. There would be possible consequences of BREXIT after the given transition time till 31 Dec 2020. One among the many would be the one related to the employment as there is a prediction of mass displacement of active employees from the UK to their native country in/or the European Union.

The UK has already planned to bring in more stringent laws on immigration and engagement of foreign workers inside the UK along with sealing its border. In terms of jobs or employment opportunities, it would be focusing on bringing in only the skilled migrants and professionals under the in-demand occupations in priority. This is in accordance with the update given by the home office and the prime minister’s office. It is estimated that the city of London alone would have around 120000 vacant jobs of various capacity post Brexit.

Now, if you analyze and sum up all these developments, it is clearly visible that more and more opportunities would come up in the UK and the government will not compromise on the immigration procedures and security measures.


If we look at the statistics of the “On-demand jobs”, there is a lot of scope for foreign or overseas migrants to fulfill the demand as the country is in short of these skilled workers. The NHS has a requirement in big numbers in the coming years and the demand varies from Nurses, Doctors to other allied health professionals. Hence the scope for overseas healthcare professionals, particularly the nurses very bright.

Apart from this, the minimum annual salary cap for application of Permanent Residency in the UK has been reduced to 26600 GBP, which will also enable more foreign workers to apply.

Hence, it’s a BIG – YES… The UK is calling.


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