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NMC approved the OET writing score to C+.

NMC approved the OET writing score to C+

The Nursing and Midwifery Council UK has approved Occupation English Test (OET) writing score to “C+” for overseas nurses registration. The overseas nurses were supposed to score B in all modules of OET until now. As a part of the ongoing overseas nurses’ registration review, the NMC has lowered the score of writing score of IELTS to 6.5 from 7.0 in November 2018. Whereas, the overseas nurses had to Score B in all modules in OET. A lot of applicants who chose OET over IELTS were struggling to score B in writing by this difference in score consideration.

This lead to wide spread calls of the nurses from all parts of the world, for considering the results of OET in par with IELTS. Envertiz has strongly supported this motion from the beginning and Mr. Febin Cyriac, the founder Director initiated an online petition like the way he did and succeeded in a similar motion with IELTS score exactly a year ago. His petition to NMC gathered over 20000 signatures in a short span of time assuring their support for the cause.

The Current Eligibility:

Currently, the NMC accepts a minimum score of “B” in each of the four modules; Listening, Reading Writing & Speaking in OET.

What is changing?

It is found that, there was no evidence of an increase in language issues in any Fitness to Practice cases since November 2018 when the NMC reduced the IELTS writing score requirement to 6.5 (equivalent of C+ in OET) which was also a supporting factor that contributed for the change. This change has been made as part of the ongoing review by the NMC.

As per the change, a score of minimum “C+” in writing and minimum “B” in all other modules is required to register as a nurse in the UK. Applicants may provide two test results to meet the above requirement, if both the tests are taken within a span of 6 months.

Example 1:

This result would be accepted.

Example 2:

This result would be accepted.

Example 3:

This Application would not be accepted. The applicant has scored lower than C+

When is it effective?

This change would be effective from 28th January 2020. The candidates who possess the results of OET taken after January 2018 (with in the last 2 years)will be eligible to start their registration in January 2020. This means, all overseas nurses who are applying with the new score criteria would have to wait until January 2020 to start their NMC application.

This new decision of the NMC will provide a great sigh of relief to the aspiring overseas nurses who are really anxious about their career, future and life in the UK.

The director, Mr. Febin Cyriac expresses his sincere gratitude and commitment to one and all that shared their opinion and extended their support in his motion on behalf of the overseas nursing community in this regard.

If you are a nurse who wish to work and settle in the UK, Send your updated CV to or apply through

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